TerraReef donates to "Anemone in a Jar"

Last year during discussions after a MACNA event, Jon Gordon, owner of TerraReef Aquariums, found that the "Anemone in a Jar" project needed some Chaetomorpha macro algae.  If you do not know what the "Anemone in a Jar" project is, you can find out more here.  In short, the project led by Randy Donowitz at Pratt Institute uses aiptasia anemones, which aquarists typically consider pests, as a hardy marine pet in a jar to expose students to marine biology.  Perhaps some of these students will begin thinking about the fragile coral reef ecosystems and consider related careers or support efforts to study and protect these fragile environments.  

We are happy to be involved in educational projects like this one and were glad to help. 

Today we will be sending Randy another box.  This time including a few cnidarians! 

If you are an aquarist interested chaeto macro algae that does not contain anemones check out this link:  https://shop.TerraReef.com/collections/inverts  (Note: we did not provide aiptasia anemones.  We have not seen these anemones in our main aquaculture system in over a decade.)

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