Frequently Asked Questions

Are these really aquacultured coral?

Yes.  100% of the corals we sell are aquacultured. 


Are the corals fresh cut?

No.  None of the corals we sell are what the industry would consider fresh cut.  All of the corals we have available for sale are allowed to recover from fragging and grow for a minimum of two weeks before sale.  Most of the corals we sell have been growing for six weeks or more before they ship. 


Do you have items not listed on the site? 

We have a lot of items not listed on the site.  Many of our most popular corals go out of stock quickly when listed, so we are constantly increasing the number of mother colonies of these corals to keep up with demand.  We also have a huge variety of supplies on hand we just have not yet added to the site.  If there is either an aquarium supply or a particular coral that you are looking for that is not on the site just let us know. 


How can I find out when new corals or aquarium supplies are put up for sale/added to the website? 

The best way is to subscribe to our email list and follow TerraReef Aquaculture and Aquariums on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and/or LinkedIn. 


Is it possible to get a Saturday delivery date? 

Currently (September 2023), we do not ship corals on Fridays and only deliver locally on Saturdays.  For the animals sake, we currently do not offer Saturday delivery dates, but we may review this possibility at a later time.  If something goes wrong with a Saturday delivery a delivery that should take less than 24 hours can take more than 72 hours as UPS will not deliver on Sundays.  Delivering livestock on a Saturday has always been a little "iffy".  We pack the corals so they can handle a longer travel time, but the longer they are away from the life support in our aquariums the more stress they will undergo.  


Is it safe to ship corals at this time?

We ship corals often, are in frequent contact with our shipping companies, monitor our local weather frequently, and check for weather issues that may exist between us and our customers before shipping.  You can safely order from us at any point.  If we have concerns, we will not ship and contact you with later delivery dates. 

All our corals are shipped overnight and packaged well enough that they can usually handle 48 hours or more. We have taken care of these particular corals for many years and want to make sure they make it to you safely and that you are happy with your order.


I live nearby. Is it possible to pick up corals at your location? 

We do not offer pickup services at this time but do occasionally offer local delivery rates which are usually more affordable than any shipping rates you will find elsewhere. 


What type of lighting do you use for growing out your corals? 

Most of the corals we grow are under EcoTech Radion Gen4 Pros, Radion Gen 5s, or Neptune Sky.  We do occasionally supplement mother colonies with T5 lighting, but not often.  We are often evaluating what the best lighting is for corals, and at this time these appear to be the best available in our opinion. 


What corals do you recommend to add color to your tank?

One coral many seasoned hobbyist would say that new hobbyist miss often out on is Green Leptoseris.  There are few corals whose color pops as much as Green Lepto.  They are often considered a “SPS coral”, but they are not nearly as difficult to keep as Acropora. 

To add both color and movement to your aquarium, consider a fleshy LPS like Green Frogspawn. 

To add a bright bold red color, consider Montipora Setosa. 

If you want to add color to your aquarium, but your tank is not ready for stony corals you may consider Magicians Palys or Red Zoanthids. 

If you need additional guidance, please reach out to us to discuss. 


What would be a good, “beginner LPS”?

Micromussa lordhowensis, also known as “Acanthastrea Acan lords” are very hardy beginner LPS that can often come back from significant stress.  Favia Brain coral are also a good choice for a starter LPS coral.  Green Frogspawn are pretty easy to keep, but if they go through significant stress, they can go through, “polyp bailout” and often will not recover from this. 


What chemistry would you recommend? 

We believe it is important that you follow a specific husbandry methodology for keeping your aquarium and stick with it until you have been active in the hobby for years and comfortable making these decisions on your own.  It is helpful to find a specific aquarist and tank you wish to replicate and work to understand what it is they do to keep their tanks and why they do things the way they do.  If you cherry pick different parameters from different sources, they may not mesh well together.  With both our aquaculture systems and our aquarium maintenance tanks, we target the following: 

o    Temp: 76-78° F

o    Salinity: 1.025-1.026 specific gravity

o    Alkalinity: 8-9 dKH

o    Calcium: 420-450 ppm

o    Magnesium: 1340-1450

o    Phosphates: < 0.10 ppm

o    Nitrates: < 12 ppm

o    Ammonia: Undetectable

o    Nitrite: Undetectable


What does "WYSIWYG" mean?

This acronym often found in the aquarium hobby means What You See Is What You Get.  This means the photographs in the image are of the exact specimen that is for sale. 


What is a “Stock coral”?

These are coral specimens that are not WYSIWYG coral.  They are clones of the corals, but usually not the exact specimen in the image.  They may not have the same number of polyps or be the exact same size.  These items are usually cheaper and the best option for most hobbyist.  For most of the coral species we grow, if you were to purchase a stock coral and a WYSIWYG coral, in only 1-3 months you will likely not be able to tell which one was which.  If both a stock coral and WYSIWYG coral are available, you will usually save money purchasing the stock coral. 


How do I found out when you have a sale on corals?

The best way to find out when we have a sale is to sign up for our newsletter and follow TerraReef Aquaculture and Aquariums on Facebook, Instagram, and/or LinkedIn.