About TerraReef

After completing his undergrad at the University of Delaware, Jon Gordon started farming coral. TerraReef  shifted from aquaculture to design, installation, and maintenance. While not the main focus of TerraReef, the production of clean, sustainable coral never stopped. 100% of the corals sold to our clients were colonies grown out in our tanks.

In late 2019, we started to ramp up production of our aquacultured corals. 2020 immensely impacted the service side of our business and a quick pivot back to farming became critical to keep TerraReef strong. 

Meet Jon

TerraReef is owned and operated by professional aquarist Jon Gordon. Jon is a University of Delaware graduate with over 21 years of experience maintaining aquariums. After completing his undergrad, Jon started farming coral. Jon was the president of the Delaware Reef Club and additionally worked at the Center for Marine Policy in Newark, DE and at the College of Marine and Earth Studies. He is also a PADI certified diver and a Marine and Reef Aquarium Technicians of America certified technician. 



Why TerraReef?

System Information

We differentiate ourselves from other vendors because most of the corals sold on TerraReef.com come out of the same system as Jon’s personal display tank. This 940 gallon modified Triton system uses some of the best equipment available in the industry and is watched over very carefully. Most corals listed on our site have had 4-6 weeks to recover from fragging and start to grow significantly.


We try our best to reduce waste, lower our carbon footprint, and source sustainable materials when possible. These aren't just catch phrases we're using, but something we believe is important.  


All new corals and other invertebrates introduced to our systems have been quarantined for two or more months. We intensely observe these aquariums for pest, we always dip, and we will usually remove all rock and plugs in an attempt to only add the coral to our systems and nothing else. 

We still recommend everyone quarantine corals from us and everyone else.  We can confidently say that no Aiptasia, Majano, red bugs, pyramid snails, rice snails, or nudibranchs will be included with your order. It is possible some critters you may not want will be included such as asterina sea stars, bristle worms, and vermetid snails as they are present in our systems. All corals for sale have been with us for a minimum of one year and most over ten years!