TerraReef Weedy Acropora WYSIWYG Frag 5Lef

TerraReef Weedy Acropora WYSIWYG Frag 5Lef

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This specimen is on a 1.25" wide frag plug. These came without a name in a pack of Acropora coral we purchased from another hobbyist in 2007-2008. At least one wise reef master who has seen images of this coral has said it looks very similar to, and may be, the "Scripps Acro".(Possibly Acropora microphthalma) We have always called these “Weedy Acropora” for two reasons. First they grow very quickly in high light. Secondly the colony structure is disorderly and closest to a bush thicket or a tumble weed. It has relatively thin branches compared to most other Acropora and little polyp extension.

Like all the corals currently listed from TerraReef, this specimen is an aquacultured coral.

It is very important that you are aware of the care requirements of these corals before ordering. Please take some time to read some information from a few sources.

This item is a WYSIWYG item meaning the specimen you receive will be the exact one in the picture. Sometimes we include images of our mother colonies as well to give an idea of what the corals will grow into under proper care. Size is an approximation.

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