Mini Reef Chiton invert 3 pack

Mini Reef Chiton invert

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Note this item is not a fish. The image is a place holder. These guys appear to occupy a similar niche to as snails, but they won't knock over your frag plugs! They hang out in the rocks and are not often seen except at night. They are capable of reproducing in most healthy aquariums. They are very small maxing out around 0.5cm-.75cm in length.  The specimens we ship are sometimes 1mm wide by 3mm long.  

We consider these guys to be part of a healthy microfauna often lacking when people start with live rock, dip coral significantly, and aggressively quarantine.  They may eat algae, but will not likely make a significant impact on already existing algae issues.  They should not be counted on as being impactful clean up crew critters(CUC).    

Please note any corals seen in images not included with this item.

It is very important that you are aware of the care requirements of animals before ordering. Please take some time to read some information from a few sources.

This item is a "stock item" meaning the coral you receive may not be the exact one in the picture, but a clone similar in appearance. Sometimes we include images of our mother colonies as well to give an idea of what the corals will grow into under proper care. Approximate size range may also vary between individual specimens.

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