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Aquarium design and installation

Each aquarium TerraReef creates and maintains is unique in many ways.  The installation can be as hands-on or carefree as you would like.  We like to meet with new clients and see the space and surrounding environment to begin to evaluate what will work best for each one.

From small desktop aquariums to large in-wall displays, we do it all.  Visit our gallery and check out the video on the homepage to see some of our work or contact us today for a free estimate.

Coral Reef Aquarium
Aquarium design
Reef Aquarium being installed


After working with hundreds of different clients over the years, we are well equipped to help you sort through the gamut of possibilities there are for aquariums.  Considering your space, style, and budget, we can help tailor fit the perfect aquarium for you.  We also consider many factors such as appropriate lighting, electrical safety,  and access to water.  



We can design anything from small freshwater aquariums to large coral reef displays.  Whether you are looking for a small decorative tank to fill that empty space in your office or help with a large holding system in a a retail fish store, we have you covered.  

Bringing in an expert early on a big project can save money in the long run and get the project to the desired result much faster.  You may be persuaded to buy  products with sensational claims; some products and equipment can actually do more harm than good.  Bring us in to help sort through what you need and do not need and simplify your experience.  


After consulting with our lead aquarist and choosing an appropriate aquarium for your space and budget, we will begin to setup your aquarium.  We have the experience to install your aquarium safely, properly, and without leaving a mess.  

The possibilities are endless and the world is your oyster.  

An oyster in one of our client's aquariums.  

Ready to find out what TerraReef Aquariums can do for you?  Fill out the form below.  

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