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Videos of TerraReef Aquarium's work.

All of these videos include our own images and video of aquariums we have worked on.

In case you missed it on our home page our "highlights video" as we call it is the left.  Below you will find several more of our aquarium videos.  We frequently try to add videos to this page and our YouTube channel which you can subscribe to by clicking the button below.  

21 Fish in a 120gallon Mixed Reef Aquarium Feeding

A 120 gallon aquarium professionally designed, installed, and maintained by TerraReef Aquariums.  

40 gallon Nano Reef Aquarium

A quick video of a nano reef aquarium that was designed and installed by TerraReef Aquariums.  This video was taken right before regular maintenance was performed including feeding, water change, glass cleaning, skimmer cleaning, and a media change.  

Rose Red Anemone w/ Pink Skunk Clown

"Rose" the pink skunk clownfish showing off that she can touch the anemone with getting harmed.  Most other animals will get stung or even eaten by the sea anemone she hosts in, but she is perfectly safe at home. 

Bubble coral at night time

Bubble coral (Plerogyra sinuosa) and Unicorn tang (Naso vlamingii) in a 340gallon Reef Aquarium in Pennsylvania.

Red Montipora capricornis in a coral reef aquarium 

A red Montipora capricornis in a TerraReef Aquarium. This coral was for sale and moved from a grow out tank in Delaware to a private aquarium in Pennsylvania near Philadelphia. It was grown from a very small fragment into this larger colony and split many times before appearing like this. 

Aquarium fish had to get their closeups

While attempting take close up video of coral, the fish decided they should be seen to!  This reef aquarium was designed, installed, and maintained by TerraReef Aquariums.  ​​

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