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Our clients, both residential and commercial, are happy to tell their friends, family, and everyone online how much they enjoy our services.  Here is just a snippet of what they have been saying.  


"TerraReef Aquariums has Designed,Installed and Maintained a beautiful Salt Water Fish tank in our Group Home all the fish been named and are Loved and Admired by all that get the opportunity to share in it's beauty. I am grateful we found you online and you are a keeper. Anyone needing an Aquarium Specialist should get in touch with Jon."

Linda, New Garden Pennsylvania


"I stopped into my office on a Sunday to meet a contractor. While there I checked on our fish and found them to be sick and suffering. The pump had malfunctioned, and the fish were on the brink of death. The aquarium company we had been using was "on vacation" and could not help, or recommend anyone to help. I went to google and found TerraReef. I explained the situation and Jon arrived within the hour. Jon quickly diagnosed the problems and set about to make things right again. Ten days later, our aquarium has never looked better, or our fish healthier. TerraReef is now our permanent aquarium specialist. I highly recommend Jon for his knowledge and passion for marine life."  ***** 

​​Deborah, Greenville Delaware


"TerraReef has been helping me with my aquarium for years. I couldn't be happier (and neither could the animals in my tank!). Jon designs and maintains beautiful (and responsible, sustainable) systems. A+!"  ***** 

Greg, Pennsylvania

"Jon from TerraReef does an incredible job! He is very knowledgeable when it comes to home aquariums of any kind. I have African Cichlids and Jon does an awesome job taking care of them. He rearranges my tank each visit to give it a fresh look and he will clean or replace the "plants" as needed so the tank always looks its best. He saves me a lot of time and is worth the money because he can do it a lot better than I can. Jon leaves his job site clean and in order the way he found it. I highly recommend TerraReef for your home or office aquarium needs and maintenance."   ***** 

​​Tyler, Pennsylvania

First time having someone clean my aquarium. Though I do not have expensive fish, the children that come to see me for therapy always stop to see the fish. They all commented on how great the tank looked. Jon was pleasant to work with and he genuinely seems to care about the fish and his customers. It is obvious that he also enjoys his work. I would highly recommend him and his services. Looking forward to a repeat performance.”   *****

​​Bev, PA

Jon at TerraReef Aquariums provided me with excellent service. With years of experience I trust this aquarium maintenance company to provide me with what I need. He helped me through the entire process and sold me exactly what I needed for my tank. I will not hesitate to work with them again and plan to soon!”   *****

​​Bret, Delaware

You can't ask for more from a professional service. Extremely knowledgable and most helpful. Just great service. Highly recommend!”   *****

Fran, Maryland


Very professional and knowledgeable. They do not rush just to get to the next job. If you wish to learn, they will spend the time as they go to explain what they are doing. I have had experience with several aquarium maintenance companies and TerraReef is the best.”   *****

Brad, Newark, Delaware​

Note, all of the above were 5 star reviews!

Recommendation via LinkedIn:
When it comes to animal husbandry, aquarium maintenance/set up, or just general aquatic knowledge, Jon Gordon is the man to call. His knowledge surpasses anyone I have every talked tanks with, and his level of care and concern for marine life as a whole was very refreshing. All in all, he is a pleasure to deal with and even a good guy to talk to, even if it's not reef related. I would highly recommend Jon for any and all of your aquatic needs.  
Kyle, New Jersey
In an email from one of our service clients:
The Tank Looks awesome." "Thanks for being such a great fish guy, I enjoy the passion you have for your business.  
Jody, Pennsylvania

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